Wednesday, July 18, 2012

trip log

i was in florida over a month ago but i hardly took any pictures. mainly because i had a couple of pina coladas one day early in the week and thought it would be ok to sit my camera down on a sand dune, where it was promptly engulfed by the rising tide. needless to say, it didn't work after that. most of these are from a disposable or my phone. so, really good quality.

1. cool street art
2. the label says "made fresh with magic". damn right, it is.
3. pat and me in the obligatory photo op in magic kingdom. i look like an overexcited seven-year old, despite having posed in this particular spot at least six times before.
4. the atlantic from the top of an old native american mound made entirely of shells
5. me, bored at the beach
6. in these really beautiful gardens near daytona
7. one of the oldest oaks in the southeast
8.  me, bored on the street. selling that vintage skirt in my ebay store right now
9. i "adopted" a manatee when i was nine. for this, i am still made fun of.
10. sugar mill ruins
11. ponce de leon lighthouse
12. on spacemountain. that's a keeper.


  1. Lovely photos :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

    x For Happy Days

  2. lovely post :D the photos are just amazing and you look pretty!


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