Saturday, March 31, 2012

painted love

well, hello, elizabeth dunn footwear. nice to meet you.


cara delevingne

the eyebrows have it. when she was modeling for asos all the time, i wanted everything she wore.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

on the bluffs

a beautiful day on the bluffs overlooking the mississippi. this tie dye dress/jacket/cape thing has been pretty much one of my greatest vintage finds ever. i'm also completely enamored of the braid holder thingamajig i got in venice beach that you can see in some of the pictures. most of the pics that you don't get to see are of me messing with it since i haven't completely nailed down how to get it to actually hold my braid yet.

moon & stars

charlotte olympia fall 12

she is one talented lady.


item love: puppy suit

we are handsome scoop back one piece

look at that face. we are handsome rocks my socks off with their unexpected graphics.


the drug and the dream

dimepiece designs spring 2012 lookbook "the drug and the dream", which includes both leather underwear and stuffed animals. contradictory in an awesome way.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

in real life

the disney gals as imagined by artist jirka vaatainen. jasmine, pocahontas and esmerelda would be freakin hot in real life, damn. my favorite disney gal is usually belle, though she looks a little overly perplexed in this version (dating an extremely hairy dude with very poor manners and communication skills would probably do that you, however). and ursula is absolutely terrifying (as it should be). also, where's meg from hercules???? she's my fav on my cynical days.


heavens above, heathens below

somehow missed this when i was out of town. looks from evil twin's winter range. purple velvet pants and those boots? i'm in.

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